Interiors Portfolio

Court Atkins Group offers a menu of professional services tailored to each project's specific needs and budget. Going beyond basic architectural services, clients have the flexibility to choose from a selection of optional, extended services to meet their expectations of a successful project. Most services are outlined as fixed fees, based upon the scope of work.

Artist Cottage 1
Artist Cottage 2
Artist Cottage 3
Artist Cottage 4
Artist Cottage 5
Artist Cottage 6
Artist Cottage 7
River House 1
River House 2
River House 3
River House 4
River House 5
River House 6
River House 7
Coastal Retreat 1
Coastal Retreat 2
Coastal Retreat 3
Coastal Retreat 4
Coastal Retreat 5
Coastal Retreat 6
Creek House 1
Creek House 2
Creek House 3
Creek House 4