At Court Atkins Group your passions become our priorities. With a seasoned, innovative team steering your vision, we’re prepared to bring your design goals to life seamlessly within the environment of your choice.

Building a coastal retreat or family homestead?

Launching a local business or giving your company a new look?

From start to finish, we guide you through the planning process and help you navigate critical selections and building specifications. We connect you with valuable community resources while you get acquainted with our dedicated designers, project managers and leadership. Our collaborative approach includes every level of Court Atkins Group expertise. We’re here for you collectively, creatively, consistently – advisors you can trust.

“We create designs that are reflective of our client’s dreams, perform according to their needs, and fit beautifully within the context of their environment.” [Jen Foster, Associate, Project Manager]

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Celebrating 15 Years of Design


Our open studio environment inspires a constant exchange of dynamic solutions and a fully-collaborative approach to each new residential, commercial or interior design project. Over the past 14 years we’ve remained committed to keeping our clients at the center of our focus, surrounding them with dedicated, reliable teams of designers, managers and leaders who communicate with them regularly throughout the life of the project.

Using hand-rendered drawings, three-dimensional models and computer simulations we provide our clients with integrated views of each project allowing them to follow the evolution of a concept and clearly understand how the project will look and feel when completed.

“Our clients benefit from the experience, expertise, and creativity of a number of associates on their own project team.  Each member brings energy and fresh perspectives to keep the design flowing through the entire project delivery.”

[Jason Broene, Associate, Project Manager]


From unique and unprecedented living spaces to structures that are intentionally created to work in harmony with their environment, Court Atkins Group designs reflect timeless, resilient and innovative architecture deeply integrated with the land. Through simple, clean and honest expressions of material and form, we create buildings that engage with their surroundings on a number of levels – naturally, aesthetically and functionally.

We bring the outside in and open the indoors to scenic views and vistas. Our designs respect the environment. We implement materials and techniques that conserve energy, water and the natural systems present on each project site.

Through internal comprehensive design and sustainability reviews we cultivate fresh thought and firm-wide ownership of our work.”


Our client-focused approach thrives in the context of community. Daily we embrace our clients’ search for identity – what do home, workplace, and neighborhood mean to them?  We listen to their perspectives and hear how they imagine their families and futures unfolding. We depend of their unique and personal stories as we transform wishes into community places that are welcoming and timeless, yet comfortably modern.

Court Atkins Group continues to produce successful low country design in response to what our clients have always envisioned for their space. By pairing this with our design skills, expertise and drive, Court Atkins Group continues to produce rewarding results.”

[Anne Bauer, Project Designer] 


Partners James Atkins and William Court agree they have a significant historical stake in the Bluffton-Hilton Head Island area. The two first met in the mid 90’s on Hilton Head while launching their careers. They both studied architecture at the University of Cincinnati and became acquainted at Hall & Hull Architects. After working in other parts of the country Atkins returned to Hilton Head to work for Tom Crews while Court committed to Hall & Hull.

Eventually Court and Atkins melded their skills and vision in the creation of their own firm, which they launched in 2004 in Bluffton. In 2016 they introduced a new firm name, Court Atkins Group, as well as an expanded business model including residential, commercial and interior design services. The partners also added a new studio location on the south end of Hilton Head, near Sea Pines Plantation.

Today, Court Atkins Group is one of the most sought after architectural firms in the coastal Lowcountry, receiving prestigious regional and national awards for iconic design in neighborhoods and communities throughout the area.

Bluffton Studio

The firm’s main residential and commercial design studios reside here, just outside Bluffton’s Old Town retail corridor.  In 2014, Court Atkins Group expanded to its service areas to include 501 South Studio, a full-service interior design center adjacent to the original offices. The Bluffton studio allows convenient one-stop planning and consulting for clients who begin their design journey in the architects’ main studio, then often engage the resources of the interior design team, just around the corner.

Hilton Head Island Studio

Dubbed the Tom Crews Studio in honor of its original owner and team mentor, Court Atkins Group’s new Hilton Head studio offers both residential and commercial design services for island clients embarking on new projects or resort renovations. A motivated staff operates the evolving studio, steering projects such as Darren Clarke’s Tavern and the new Sea Turtle Marketplace.


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Interior Design Team

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