May River Residence

Located on one of the only lots in Palmetto Bluff where the bluff had receded enough to create a marked variation in elevation, the Court Atkins Group design team was able to create a true “lower level.” By doing so, the scale and massing of the home was kept simple and unassuming from the front, but upon entering, gives way to a two-story wall of glass overlooking the May River from the gathering area below.

The combination of simple materials and forms, and limited use of color on the exterior, contrasts with the contemporary interior where warm textures and tones provide depth and spatial character. The floor plan unfolds to a collection of unique spaces, each with its own relationship to the occupant. A carriage house and guest cottage flank either side of the home, providing extra space for guests and a more private entrance courtyard.

  • Location: Palmetto Bluff, May River Forest
  • Year Completed: 2019
  • Awards: 2019 Lighthouse Award
  • Partners:
    Architecture + Interior Design: Court Atkins Group
    Builder: Element Construction
    Landscape Architect: Witmer, Jones, Keefer
    Photography: J. Savage Gibson