Water Trail Residence

A unique double-lot opportunity with a wraparound view of the water trail system in Palmetto Bluff afforded the project team an opportunity to create a design that rambled and stretched out along the water’s edge. In many cases, the home is only one room deep, providing light from multiple sides in every space and allowing the design to change throughout the day. Clean, contemporary metal doors and windows set the tone for a more dramatic entry, giving way to a quiet, refined series of spaces.

The interior is clean and understated, with an emphasis on luxury textures and materials. The design and selections were purposeful and intentional, as illustrated by the floating stone stairs, whose veining flows continuously throughout the flight. A combination of large timber brackets and sweeping overhangs emphasize the level of craftsmanship, and live bark siding on the guest suite (a first in Palmetto Bluff) brings a touch of Big Sky to South Carolina.

  • Location: Palmetto Bluff
  • Year Completed: 2021
  • Awards: 2021 Lighthouse Award
  • Partners:
    Architecture + Interior Design: Court Atkins Group
    Builder: Richard Best Custom Homes
    Landscape Architect: Witmer, Jones, Keefer
    Photography: J. Savage Gibson / Kelli Boyd